Agriculture is a mod intended to serve as an “extension” to Farms, Minecraft Hunger System, Cooking and Farming, within the game. Added “Good Food” concept to the game. installing the mod we will find various devices or machines that adapt well to the graphic line of the juice and will allow us to process and cook the food that we obtain both from the farm and from the crops.

We will have at our disposal a total of 6 machines and objects, including a fryer, countertops, a new oven for slow cooking, a food processor that will allow us to grind food and mix it, to give birth to new ingredients, a kind of blender that also heats liquids and a refrigerator, where to store food.

The mod allows us to create more than 150 new recipes, which will allow us to have a balanced and healthy diet. Now your character will be much healthier and stronger, so it will regenerate more life in tough times.

This mod is in an Alpha update phase, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.