AbyssalCraft is a mod that combines magic and exploration. The mod is responsible for generating up to four new dimensions, where we will find new blocks, resources, objects and undead creatures. The dimensions in question are The Abyssal Wasteland, The Dreadlands, Omothol and the Dark Realm, which represent, in this same order and from shallowest to deepest, the four dimensions that make up the universe known as “The Abyss”. .

In The Abyssal Wasteland, the most superficial layer of The Abys, we will encounter the usual creatures of the game. While in The Dreadlands, Omothol and Dark Realm we can find new mutant creatures, shadows and powerful bosses. Before entering these dimensions it is necessary to be well equipped.

To see and understand how this mod works, as well as the different blocks and objects, characteristics of each of the dimensions or the creatures that inhabit them, it is advisable to get a guide (in English) called “Necronomicon”.